Teeter Hang Ups Dex II Decompression and Extension Machine


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The DEX II is a forward-rotating, user-controlled inversion machine. The body is placed in a 90/90 position, which helps to flatten the lumbar curve for greater separation of lower vertebrae. Traction is applied to the hip joints and spine, with no loads to the ankles and knee joints. The DEX II is ideal for back extension exercises; it works like a roman chair, but with better ergonomic support – and the unique traction handles offer a method for stretching and increased decompression.

DEX II decompression & extension provides all of the benefits of inversion while holding the user in the 90/90 position, which is the optimum position for decompression. From this position, the user is in a body position relevant to gravity that maximizes muscle performance during back extensions while helping to prevent hyperextension.

• Natural traction that helps to decrease pressure on intervertebral discs
• Effective way to treat many conditions of the spine
• Helps relieve back pain, sciatic pain, and spasms
• Helps relieve stress
• Clear muscle congestion
• Improves circulation and oxygen to the brain
• Gently decompress and elongate the spine to alleviate pressure on discs and nerve roots
• Realigns spine and body, improving posture
• Stretch back and muscles
• Strengthens ligaments
• Increases body flexibility and range of motion
• Increases physical and mental energy
• Reduces the effects of aging caused by gravity.

• Traction Handles: A unique solution for stretching the lower back – offers increased decompression of the spine to maximize effectiveness
• Convenient Features: Lower handles provide support for user-controlled rotation; serve as useful resistance tools for stretching
• Sturdy Lap Support: Holds the user in a fixed 90/90 position for a variety of inverted stretches and exercises
• Adjustable Leg Supports: Locking knob allows adjustment for maximum comfort and security
• Corner Feet: Provide stability, prevent sliding and protect floors
• Washable Padded Vinyl Mat: Quality materials are durable and easy to clean
• Quality Construction: Sturdy square steel tube design
• High-Quality Finish: Durable powder-coating ensures scratch-resistance
• Assembled Dimensions: 41″ x 29″ x 45″
• Height Capacity: 4’8″ to 6’6″
• Weight Capacity: 300 lbs.
• 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty


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