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TE Massage Gun


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A fantastic tool to help enhance your overall health and well-being. There are many benefits of using this gun such as:

Relief of sore or stiff muscles
Reduce tissue inflammation
Increase and improve blood circulation which in turn can help with fatigue/lethargyAccelerates muscle recovery after workouts
Improves mobility by stimulating nerve receptors
Releases lactic acid build up caused by intense workouts
Loosens joints, enhancing flexibility and preventing sprains
Improves overall well-being by reducing anxiety and promoting deep sleep

With 7 interchangeable massage heads and 3 speed/intensity choices, there are dozens of ways to use this gun and enhance your well-being regime. While particularly useful for relaxing muscles pre workout or aiding muscle recovery for athletes after an intense workout, the gun can benefit everyone, regardless of age or level of physical activity.

Our gun is fully wireless and the ultra quiet motor can give up to 9 hours of use from a single charge. The gun comes in a stylish but protective, reinforced nylon carry case making it easy to take with you to events, mobile appointments or travellin

Key features:

3 Speed/Intensity Settings: Deep massage or a gentle,

soothing relax. The choice is yours.

7 interchangeable Head Attachments – each head attachment has been carefully designed to target a different area or offer a different outcome.

Reinforced Nylon Carrying Case Included -the prefect way to store and transport your massage device and accessories.

High Performance Brushless Motor for more than 20000 hours of operation.

Wireless & Portable – no need for a cord, you can use this massage device anywhere.

35db-45db – a quiet motor to further enhance relaxation.

• Up to 9 hours Use Per Charge – Charge less and use more.

• Ergonomic T-Shape Design – The T-shape enables different hold positions thus enhancing massage intensity and vibration radiation.

• 1-Push Button Control - Simple and convenient On/Off switch for total ease of use.





1 year


1 massage gun, 7 heads (flat, round, fork, bullet, air cushion, spade, arc), Charging cabe, ACDC transformer, built in rechargeable, LG Lithium-ion battery.


Black or silver

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