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With their unique design, you can create a dumbbell weight from 2kg – 20KG - meaning they can be used for a wide range of exercises for users of all levels. A smooth adjustment mechanism that is a twist of the handle when they are in the cradle, gives you ease of use rather than knobs, catches, or levers.

The new TwistLock Adjustable Dumbbells are the most space-efficient and easy-to-use option available today – in fact, no other adjustable dumbbell weight can be changed as quickly and easily as the TwistLock dumbbell! With a weight range starting at just 2kg, this gives users of all fitness levels the opportunity to execute a wide range of exercises in the comfort of their own home without having to purchase the equivalent number of regular dumbbells. No knobs to turn, pins to align, or levers to slide – just twist and go!

The patented TwistLock cutting-edge technology allows quick and easy weight adjustments with the simple twist of each dumbbell handle. You never have to take your hands off the dumbbell handles – simply place them into the dumbbell cradle and twist the handle…once the desired weight is shown in the readout window, you are ready to go! For added safety, the TwistLock weight adjust system can only be made when the dumbbell is docked with the beautifully designed cradles (included) that hold the dumbbells. Nobody wants oversized, bulky, odd-shaped dumbbells getting in the way of your training. That is why the StairMaster engineers and designers spent so much time analyzing gym quality, commercial style dumbbells – after all, that’s what you would prefer to workout within your own home if you had space and money to buy them. They made sure the TwistLock design looked like a dumbbell, felt like a dumbbell, and delivered results like a dumbbell.Unlike many other adjustable style dumbbells on the market, the perfectly balanced TwistLock dumbbell delivers the same basic sizes as gym style dumbbells as you increase the weight…so whether you are using a 2.2kg – 20kg weight, the size of the dumbbell closely resembles the size of the same weight you would use in the gym. The contoured and textured dumbbell handles provide a comfortable and secure grip during your workouts.

Feautures : 

• Fast: You never have to take your hands off the handles to change the weight. Just dock, twist, and go!
• Simple: The highly visible weight selection windows clearly show the selected weight
• Compact: Patented design delivers the most compact adjustable dumbbell available
• Safe: Weight changes can only be made when the handle is in the cradle
• Design: Contoured, soft-grip handles and Aluminum cradle deliver unmatched quality • Weight: 2kg – 20kg - See more at:

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