Master massage

PROFESSIONAL Portable Massage Chair


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The PERFECT portable venue for Massage Therapists, Sports Therapists, and MORE!

The Professional is the perfect lightweight chair for licensed massage practitioners, sports therapists, and massage therapy students alike. Weighing in at just 7kg but boasting an Aircraft Aluminium Frame that gives it a working weight capacity of up to 295kg; this Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair is durable, ergonomic and compact. Designed specifically for professionals, every padded surface, from the chair's chest bolster on down is layered with our exclusive Small Cell Foam Cushioning System and every surface of this massage chair is infinitely adjustable and therefore adaptable to each client's therapeutic needs. Handcrafted using high-end materials and sustainable construction processes including an Environmentally-Safe Powder Coat Finish, and engineered to provide supplementary support during massage therapy, it also includes a session pouch, for safe and convenient storage of eyeglasses and jewellery.

Lifetime Limited Warranty


Size: 28 x 51cm (W x L)

Height: 109cm

Weight: 7kg (chair only)

Working capacity: 295kg.

Foam: Exclusive Small Cell Foam (Higher Density than normal foam)



  • Light but Tremendously Strong Aircraft Aluminium Frame
  • Exclusive Small Cell Foam Cushioning System
  • Royal Blue Upholstery and a No-Mar Finished Frame
  • Proper Adjustments on Every Cushioned Surface
  • Innovative Six-Way Adjustable Massage Chair Face Cradle
  • Cushioned Sternum Bolster
  • Luggage Style Wheeled Massage Chair Carry Case
  • Massage Session Pouch for Storing Eyeglasses and Jewellery
  • Frame with Eco-Friendly Electro Statically Powder Coated Finish

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