Master massage

Master Massage Universal Fabric Fitted PU Vinyl leather Protection Cover for Massage Tables


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  • These Table Cover are sized specifically for your professional massage or treatment table!

    Protect the life of your table with our Master Massage Professional Table Cover. Designed to fit 64-76cm Wide tabletop, this Ultra-Durable cover offers years of trouble-free and convenient use. Elastic corners fit both round and square table corners while our water and oil -resistant upholstery ensures strength and reliability.

    Size Fitted Sheet: 64-76cm Wide x 183cm Length
    Color Black
    Material Environmental Touch Skin PU
    Packed with These EXCLUSIVE Features!
    • Environmental Touch Skin PU
    • Imported
    • Fits 64-76cm Wide x 183cm Length Portable and Stationary Massage Tables
    • Eco-Friendly Silky Soft 100% PU upholstery, Black
    • Durable, Comfortable, and Easy to Clean
    • Oil and Water Resistant, Ultra-durable
    • Versatile fits round and square corners

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