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Master Massage Galaxy Ambient Lighting System for Massage Tables

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Ambient Lighting System for Massage Table - Creates instant specialty lighting for a relaxing mood. Warm and comfortable to provide a much more professional and rewarding experience for massage clients. Gives your room exceptional decor and mood without the need for expensive furnishings, lighting, and decoration.

Ideal for Wood Platform Tables-Designed specifically for massage tables with a wood base platform or wooden storage shelf underneath. Universally fits portable massage tables and stationary massage beds longer than 60" regardless of brand. This is the affordable, easy upgrade that will impress everyone. Many massage businesses are buying several to outfit all their tables.

Easy to Install - Lighting system consists of two 28" light strips with connection cables. Light tubes screw to the wooden platform. We provide both self-tapping screws and screwdrivers for easy installation. Simply follow the illustrated instructions and you will have your impressive lighting system ready to use in just a few minutes.

Lightweight & Portable - Our Galaxy Ambient Lighting System weighs just 9 ounces (270g.) This adds almost no extra weight to your portable massage table. The power adapter comes with an 80" (2 Meter) long cord that conveniently connects to an AC outlet. Includes an extra 32" (0.8m) control wire. Hand controller lets you quickly and easily adjust brightness.

Warm & Soft for Eyes - Creates a perfect ambiance with just the right brightness for every room, client, and situation. 3500K LED light creates a warm almost golden glow with no flicker, buzzing, heat output, or wasted energy. Light diffuses evenly to relieve eye fatigue from a room that is too dark. It's selling fast after being spotlighted by professional massage therapists as a must-have innovation.

Master Massage Galaxy Ambient Lighting System, amazing new lighting system is super easy to install. It instantly gives your massage table a warm light underneath to create a comfortable, relaxing mood. It's the perfect way to cast a professional ambiance that immediately impresses clients. Essential for traveling massagers who can create an instant decor in any room at the touch of a button.

Galaxy Ambient Lighting System

Two 27.55" Light Tubes Underneath

The heart of the Galaxy Ambient Lighting System are 2 high efficiency LED light tubes that mount directly underneath your table. These are quiet, don't create any heat, and output just the right amount of warm 3500K light. LEDs use very little power and offer a long life.

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