Master massage

Master Massage 70cm Argo Portable Massage Table Package


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Table Specifications:

Size: 70x183cm (W x L)excluded headrest,

Length included headrest: 213cm

Height: 60-84cm (adjustable)

Weight: 17kg(table only)

Working capacity: 205kg

Foam: 3.8cm Multi-layer soft FOAM system & Exclusive Small Cell Foam (Higher Density than normal foam)

Package includes 70cm Argo Portable Massage Table, Adjustable Face Cradle, Cushion Face Pillow, Arm Rest Shelf and carrying case.


Our versatile 70cm wide price competitive Argo Portable Massage & Exercise Table is built for massage as well as tabletop exercise. The sturdy 3.8cm layer of exclusive Small Cell Foam is specifically designed to make aerobic and anaerobic exercises easier to perform on top of this table, without having to use the floor. Your client or loved one can benefit from a relaxing massage on Argo, and you can gain flexibility and full-body strength without putting a strain on your spine by doing stretches on this table. Its stability will easily withstand a variety of body movements in order to ensure that your table exercising is a smooth, safe experience.

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Packed with These EXCLUSIVE Features!

  • All wood is Formaldehyde & Carcinogen FREE meets strict California Air Resources Board (CARB) Law!
  • 3.8cm Thick Cushion of our Exclusive Multi-layer Small Cell Foam higher density than regular foam.
  • Upholstery in Black colour, Supported by Wooden Walnut Legs
  • Auto-Lock Leg System Sets up in Seconds easily sets up strong in seconds!
  • Numbered Hole Leg Adjustments for Accurate and Easy Height Adjustment
  • Soft-Touch Leg-lock Knobs for Safety and Stability
  • Oil and Waterproof, CFC-free Upholstery with Strong Reinforcement Backing for Extra Durability
  • Luggage -Style Table Closure Clasps


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