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Master Massage 70cm FAIRLANE Portable Massage Table Package with Therma-Top - Adjustable Heating System! (Cinnamon Color)


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Table Specifications:

Size: 70 x 183cm (W x L) excluded headrest Length included headrest: 213cm

Height: 58 - 83cm (adjustable)

Weight: 17kg (table only)

Working capacity: 340kg

Foam: 5cm Exclusive Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam (Higher Density than normal foam)

Package includes: 70cm Fairlane Portable Massage Table with Therma-Top (equipped with UK Plug), 6-way Adjustable Face Cradle, Cushioned Face Pillow, Carrying case and Arm Rest shelf.


Our 70cm Fairlane is a premium quality portable massage table perfect for students or professionals on a budget. Layered with a 5cm thick cushion of our Exclusive Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam, we make it extremely comfortable and durable enough to ensure your long-lasting use. The 70cm Fairlane Portable Massage Table fits your clients perfectly and fits in your car with ease! It comes equipped with our Auto-Lock leg system which allows it to be set-up effortlessly in smaller rooms too!

This table also comes equipped with our EXCLUSIVE Patented Therma-Top Built-In Adjustable Warming System! Our Therma-Top Built-In Adjustable Heating System adds penetrating warmth to every massage improving circulation, bolstering vitality, soothing away fatigue and relieving tension. Our Therma-Top Heated Massage Table SAVES you the money and time you would spend on a separate Warming Pad!

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Packed with These EXCLUSIVE Features!

  • All wood is Formaldehyde & Carcinogen FREE meets strict California Air Resources Board (CARB) Law!
  • Patented Built-In Therma-Top HEATED BED provides adjustable warmth over the entire surface of your table!
  • 5cm Thick Cushion of Multi-Layer Small Cell Foam higher density than regular foam.
  • Oil & Waterproof, CFC-free, PU Upholstery with denim-like reinforcement backing for extra durability.
  • Elm Hardwood Legs with rich, hi-gloss Dura-Seal protected finish.
  • Auto-Lock Leg System easily sets up strong in seconds!
  • NUMBERED Leg Adjustment Holes for QUICK & EASY, accurate height adjustment.
  • DUO-PLANE Hinges for maximum strength at the center of your table!
  • Non-Skid, Non-Mark Foot Pads makes your table SAFE for ANY Floor surface!
  • Nylon Leg Buffers keeps the wood legs squeak and wobble-free!
  • Stabilizer Bar adds strength & helps with opening and closing your table!
  • Clevis Block Leg Attachments guarantees unbreakable leg support!
  • Soft-Touch Leg-Lock Knobs for easy grip, safety and stability.
  • Single luggage-style table closure clasps.

Master Massage FAIRLANE Portable Massage Table, we have three different styles for you to choose from:

63cm without Therma-Top - Master Massage 63cm FAIRLANE Portable Massage Table Package with Sport Sized That's PERFECT For Pros On the Go! (Cinnamon Color)

70cm without Therma-Top - Master Massage 70cm FAIRLANE Portable Massage Table Package with Classic REGULATION Size Massage Table Therapists LOVE! (Cinnamon Color)

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