Master massage

Master Massage 15x66cm Full Round Massage Bolster - Black


Why buy from us!

  • User-friendly controls The lowest prices available.
  • Powerful cooling Free next day delivery on large items.
  • Self-evaporating technologyFree 24-72 hrs delivery on smaller items.
  • Washable filter Full manufacturer warranties included.
  • Eco-friendly design Authorised retailer for leading brands.
  • User-friendly controls Highest quality selection of equipment.
  • Eco-friendly design 1000s of happy customers.
  • Eco-friendly design Honest advice and impeccable service.
  • Professionals love our bolsters! They have been actual-client field-tested and the 15cm diameter has been proven to be more comfortable than any other size. With our Silky smooth Easy-to-clean upholstery and Cloudy Soft foam filling provide superior comfort and support for your clients. Place it under the knees, ankles or lower abdomen to relieve tension. It features a zippered outer case and a strap handle allowing for easy positioning during sessions. Your clients will notice the improvement!

    Master Features:

    * Our Most Popular Size 15cm Width x 66cm Length

    * Easy-to-clean Silky Soft Environmental Skin Touch PU Upholstery in Black, water, oil, and abrasion resistant

    * Place it under the knees, ankles, or lower abdomen to relieve tension

    * Features a zippered outer case for easy cleaning

    * Strap handle on one side to allow for easy positioning

    Master Massage 15cm x 66cm Full Round Massage Bolster, we have three different colours for you to choose from:

    Royal Blue - Master Massage 15x66cm Full Round Massage Bolster - Royal Blue

    Cream - Master Massage 15x66cm Full Round Massage Bolster - Cream

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