Hi5 Bruning Mini Massage Gun(2 colour options)


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    • Description:

      Hi5 Bruning Mini is one of our massage gun series, its uniqueness lies in its extremely small design, therefore Bruning Mini has a nickname-pocket gadget. Yes, Brunning is so small that can be accommodated by a pocket, very convenient to carry. Bruning Mini helps you relieve fatigue, restore energy, relax muscle tense by different vibrating massage. It is also a good fitness aiding device to help you get in shape.

      One (1)-Years Warranty 

      Packed with These Exclusive Features:

      • The soft head attachments in varying sizes and shapes meet different needs, avoid injuries to the spine and bone during vibration and increase the comfort of the massage.
      • Hi5 Bruning Mini weighs only 0.5kg/1.1lbs, as light as a bottle of water of 500g. 
      • The length is only 149mm/5.87", as small as an iPhone 11
      • Hi5 Bruning Mini adopts 12V hight performance lithium battery to realize quick charge which will never delay your use.
      • Power and speed indicators
      • There are battery level and vibrating indicators on the bottom of the handle. Just one flip, you can see the current power and speed. This "hidden" design also makes its appearance more concise.
      • The USB-C charging port is convenient for you which can be charged with a power bank, adapter, and laptop, so that you don't carry its charger when going out. 
      • The is a ring on the head of the handle. Carrying the device Just by putting your finger through the ring, very portable and convenient.
      • You can operate the Hi5 Bruning Mini massage gun with only one button to adjust the vibrating massage level, and there are five levels of vibrating speed.
      • The excellent brushless motor can realize vibrating massage up to 3000 percussions per minute and its double link mechanism makes the massage stable and the power our incessant.
      • Hi5 Bruning Mini select environmental, high-quality and durable aluminium alloy which are anti-corrosion and have better heating dissipation.

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