Affinity Marlin Portable Sports Massage Table 25"

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Due to popular demand, this fabulous couch is now available in 2 widths.  The sleek lines, semi-firm sports foam, supreme strength/stability, lightweight and portability make the 25” Affinity Marlin the UK’s favourite sports couch whilst the 28” version offers a little extra width for those whose treatments require it.

The Power Therapist Upgrade Pack can be added to this couch to allow for more complex treatments and positioning options.

Key features:

Light - Strong - Versatile

• Extremely comfortable
• Therafoam padding
• Truly portable
• Excellent stability
• Slimline
• Reiki end panels
• Rapid set up
• Generous height adjustment
• Affinity ergonomic breathe hole
and plug
• Quality carry case included


Height Adjustment: 24.4"-32.5" (62cm-82.5cm)
Weight: 25” - 14.5kgs (32lbs) 28”- 16.5kg (36.3lbs)
Dimensions: Length 73" (185cm), Width 25" (63cm)/ Width 28” (71.2cm)
Materials: Aluminium frame and base with 2" semi firm, Therafoam padding,
PVC vinyl.
Working Weight: 450lbs (205kgs/32stones of impact)
Warranty: 2 years
Face Cradle/Paper Towel Holder Ports: Both ends
Carry Case: Included
Colour: White 25” only Navy 25” and 28”
Shipping W&Ds (approx): 25” - L96cm x W23cm x H70cm. Gross weight: 19kgs.
28” – L96cm x W24cm x H78cm. Gross weight: 21kg

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