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Master Massage Table Warming Pad Heating Pad- SUPER PLUSH!


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    • The PERFECT Companion for ANY Massage Table!

      Comfortable, powerful, and the only Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) Safe massage table warming pad on the Market! Our Massage Table Warmer adds the therapeutic heat that every bodywork session should include! It has a luxuriously soft surface that is machine washable and offers three warmth settings to accommodate any client preference!

      One (1) Years Warranty

      It's perfect for the stress-melting, heated massage your clients deserve!

      Our Massage Table Warming Pad heats to 27C (80F) in as little as seven minutes! Its cables are densely distributed across the pad's surface, so your massage bed will not only heat up faster, but it will do so more evenly and without leaving any cold spots! Its Automatic Safety Shut-Off feature will enhance your peace of mind!

      Size 172.7 x 66cm ( L x W)
      Color Cream Color
      Care Machine Washable
      Specialty EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) Safe

      Packed with These EXCLUSIVE Features!
      • Equipped with UK PLUG.
      • EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) Safe!
      • Adjustable warmth settings with detachable LCD controller
      • Automatic Safety Shut-off System
      • Thermo-Control Wiring System heats up fast and evenly!
      • Elastic Straps Secures Warming Pad to Any Size Master Massage Table!
      • Pad Dimensions: 68 in. L (172 cm.) x 26 in. W (66 cm.)
      • Watts: 70; Volts: 120

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