Hi5 Sportster Vibration Massage Gun with 4 Levels Speeds and Nylon Carrying Case (Storm Silver)


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    • Description:

      SPORTSTER Vibration Massage Device is ideal not only for athletes, fitness enthusiast, professional therapists but also for everyone who takes care of their own body’s wellness. The Smart Light System merges massage and wellness with a sense of science and technology, creating a sense of atmosphere, providing necessary light for massage, enhancing the fun and experience of massage and avoiding drowsiness. Hi5 Intelligent light system will display different colours of light in the standby state and different vibration levels, increase the sense of technology, and provide lighting with atmosphere sense. SPORTSTER Vibration Device reduces effectively muscle soreness and stiffness, deep tissue and fascia tensions and improves your mobility and daily life quality. The aim is to relieve the muscles and achieve an overall feeling of well-being.

      One (1)-Years Warranty


      • Patented Smart Light System: Four Color Light System for Battery, Speed and Meaning of Flicker
      • Vibration Frequency: 4 Levels Speed and Up to 2900 Times/Min
      • Massage Gun Weight: 0.85kg
      • Ergonomic Design: Wireless Handhold Design with Nylon Carrying Case
      • Head Attachment: Round, Fork, Flat and Bullet
      • Color Options: Storm Silver, Fantasy Blue, Rose Gold
      • Package Include: 4 or 7 Head Attachment, Massage Gun, and Nylon Carrying Case

      New Smart Light System Design:

      Level 1: Muscle Activation (1600 Times/Min, Light Color: Light Blue)
      Level 2: Myofascial Release (2000 Times/Min, Light Color: Purple)
      Level 3 Deep Massage( 2400 Times/Min, Light Color: Orange)
      Level 4 Professional Massage( 2900Times/Min, Light Color: Dark Blue)

      Key Features:

      • 80mm Deep Muscle Penetration-this provides deeper tissue massage than any other automated massage tool
      • 12mm Super Large Amplitude-For in-depth muscle relaxation
      • 2900 Times/Min High-Frequency Vibration-for deep muscle tissue penetration
      • 2 Hours Quick Charging- Quick charging provides a better and faster experience
      • 37db Low Noise-this super quiet tools are low-noise, much quieter than other tools on the market, ensuring you a quiet and comfortable environment
      • Smart Light System- Four Color Light System for Battery, Speed and Meaning of Flicker
      • Wireless & Portable- No need for a cord, you can use this massage device anywhere at anytime

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