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The Affinity Body Bolster can enhance a wide variety of massage and physical therapies. By supporting the client at the clavicle, ribs, sternum and pelvis, the Body Bolster makes your work as a therapist much easier.

When using the Body Bolster, your client is as comfortable as can be, with no points of tension to get in your way. Each treatment thus becomes easier for you, and more effective for the client.

The Body Bolster can be used on any massage table, or even on the floor. You can use it with any client, but it is particularly useful when treating pregnant, injured or larger clients. It allows greater access to all parts of the body and eliminates any discomfort. A carry case is included to make transportation a breeze and is available in Navy Blue and Biscuit (Cream).


Key features:

Comfort – Reassurance - Luxury

  • The Affinity Body Bolster comprises face cradle, sternum, pelvic and split leg bolsters.
  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Therafoam comfort padding
  • Set-up is possible on any surface with minimum effort
  • Weight:
  • Carry case included


Materials: PU vinyl, firm foam
Warranty: 2 years
Colours: Biscuit: Navy:
Shipping W&Ds (approx.): Box: : L 59 x W 58 x D 34 cm Gross weight: 6kg

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